ARRIVING NOV.  Michelin Trolley Compressor.
ARRIVING NOV. Michelin Trolley Compressor, has been on display in a Dutch museum for the past 25 years.. Wonderful example.
ARRIVING NOV.. Enamel Motoring Signs
SOLD,, Gulf gasoline.
SOLD ,,Power-Lube.
SOLD... Champion tin sign.
ARRIVING NOV.. Enamel Motoring Signs
SOLD Globe round sign.
SOLD .Exide battery post mount....
SOLD Musgo sign
SOLD Gulf round sign
SOLD Gulf square sign.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  2 Large Antique Spelter Figures.
2 Quality Antique Spelter Figures of Larger Proportions.
65cm and 75cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Antique Mahogany Console Table.
A Stunning Mid C19th Antique Mahogany Console Table. This is high end Victorian furniture and does not get much better.
155cm wide x 56cm deep x 132cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  C19th Antique 2 BottleTantalus
C19th Antique Cut Glass 2 Bottle Tantalus in Silver Plated Stand.
28cm high x 23cm wide x 12cm deep
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  C19th Cast Iron Fire Fender, #
A Lovely Antique Cast Iron & Brass Fire Fender, Rare with the dogs mounted on the ends.
Great Size 90cm long x 20cm high..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  C20th French Vitrine.
A C20th Small French Single Door Vitrine.
71cm wide x 36cm deep x 142cm high
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Ipswich Oak Coffer on Stand. #
Wonderful Quality Early C20th Ipswich Oak Coffer on Stand.
110cm wide x 46cm deep x 82cm high
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. 1920`s Castrol Motor Oil Advertising Sign #
1920`s Castrol Motor Oil Advertising Sign, In wonderful original condition.
76cm wide x 51cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Alfa Romeo Advertising Lightbox #
A Genuine Dealers Alfa Romeo Advertising Lightbox.
125cm wide x 27cm high x 12cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Breakfront Book Case.
Antique 4 Door Breakfront Book Case. Nice original example,
220cm high x 180 cm wide x 52cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique French Letter Box. #
Antique Cast Iron French Unrestored Letter Box.
52cm high x 30cm wide x 25cm deep
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Miniature Long Case Clock
A Wonderful Example of a Antique Miniature Long Case Clock.. 43cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Music Parlor Cabinet
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique Inlaid Music Parlor Cabinet. In lovely original condition.
56cm wide x43cm deep x 162cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Antique National Cash Register
Antique National Crank Handle Cash Register . In original condition.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Brioline Brioflux Advertising Sign#
Embossed Brioline Brioflux Pictorial Advertising Sign
La Bonne Peinture A L'Huile .
35cm x 49cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Castrolease Grease Pump.
Castrolease Grease Pump. Original, Dirty and working,, will clean up.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Chrysler Acrylic Advertising Sign #
Large Chrysler Acrylic Advertising Sign. In very nice original condition.
1.8mt wide.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Dunlop Tyres  Vertical Advertising Sign#
A Very Original Dunlop Tyres Vertical Strip Advertising Sign, In very nice condition.
31cm wide x 153cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Goodyear Advertising  Lightbox Sign #
Genuine Goodyear Lozenge Shape Advertising Lightbox Sign'
100cm wide x 61cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Jaz Clock Enamel Advertising Sign #
Wonderful Art Deco Jaz Clock Enamel Double Sided Post Mount Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Leather Bound Drinks Cabinet On Stand
Early C20th Leather Bound 2 Door Drinks Cabinet.
147cm high x 80cm wide 49cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Mc Cormick International Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Very Nice Lozenge Shape Mc Cormick International Enamel Advertising Sign ,, Wonderful Condition..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Moskwitsch Service Advertising Sign#
A Great Moskwitsch Service Enamel Advertising Sign, Lovely Condition.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Moto Guzzi Servizio Advertising Sign#
A Rare Double Sided Post Mount Moto Guzzi Servizio ( SERVICE ) Advertising Sign in Metal Frame.
80cm wide x 68cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Negronoir Cafe Exquis Advertising Sign #
A Small Negronoir Cafe Exquis Embossed Tin Pictorial Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Oak 2 Drawer Canteen and Table.
Earl C20th Oak 2 Drawer Canteen and Table.
79cm high x 72cm wide x 47cm deep.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Pair of Antique Satsuma Vases.
Pair of Antique Late C19th Early C20th Satsuma Vases.
47cm high x 26cm dia.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Pieter Schoen Verf-lak Advertising Sign#
Pieter Schoen Verf-lak Pictorial Plastic Paint Brush Advertising Sign.
46cm x 100cm,
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Rare Citroen Enamel Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Ripolin-Express Double Enamel Sign #
Ripolin-Express Couleurs & Vernis Double Sided Post Mount Enamel Advertising Sign
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Scories Potassiques Scoralsace Enamel Sign,#
A Oval Scories Potassiques Scoralsace Fertilizer Pictorial Enamel Advertising Sign.
70cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Stella Artois Tin Advertising Sign.#
Stella Artois La Premiere Des Bieres Belges Tin Cap Advertising Sign.
47cm dia.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Themis Manual Petrol Pump
Extremely Rare Themis Deluxe 4 Cylinder Double Clock Face Manual Petrol Pump in Original Unrestored Condition. This is one of the rarest pump we have had the pleasure of acquiring .
A Portable Triple Pump Oil Cart in Original Condition and Ready for Restoration.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Aladdin Pink Paraffin Advertising Sign#
Aladdin Pink Paraffin Double Side Post Mount Advertising Sign,, 53cm wide x 36cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Michelin Shield Enamel Advertising Sign#
A Rare Michelin Shield Enamel Advertising Sign, In lovely condition.
53cm x 77cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Michelin Tyres Enamel Advertising Sign
A Early and Rare English Michelin Tyres Enamel Pictorial Advertising Sign.. Comes with a couple of holes but still a decent sign.
146cm wide x 41cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Pair Of Philips Enamel Advertising Sign
Pair Of Very Nice Philips Vertical Strip Enamel Advertising Sign, Approx 150cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Petrogaz Distributeur Enamel Advertising Sign#
Petrogaz Distributeur Double Sided Post Mount Enamel Advertising Sign.
60cm x 40cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Shell Butagaz Enamel Advertising Sign#
A Double Sided Post Mount Shell Butagaz Enamel Advertising Sign.
67cm x 33cm
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.Shell Huiles Enamel Advertising Sign#
A Double Sided Post Mount Shell Huiles Enamel Advertising Sign.
59cm x 45cm.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER.  Castrol Double Advertising Sign#
DIe Cut Castrol Double Sided Spinning Tin Advertising Sign. 50cm x60cm.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Castrollo Upper Cylinder Lubricant
A Rare Castrollo Upper Cylinder Lubricant Dispensing Wall Cabinet with 2 Good Enamel Signs..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Chubb & Son Metal Safe + Cabinet.
Antique Chubb & Son Metal Safe and Original Walnut Single Door Cabinet.
Cabinet size 56cm x 54cm x 112cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Esso- Essolube Enamel Advertising Sign#
Large Esso-Essolube Enamel Advertising Sign, Rare + unusual sign.. Dated 1935.
183cm wide x 122cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Satam Chariot Petrol Pump
A Wonderful Original Satam Chariot Petrol Pump.. They dont get much better that this..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell Enamel Advertising Sign #
Large Shell Enamel Advertising Sign in the Red and White Colours. 2mt wide..
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell From the Pump Enamel Advertising Sign #
A Great and Early Example of a Shell From the Pump Enamel Advertising Sign.
122cm square.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell Motor Spirit Double Side Enamel Advertising Sign#
Shell Motor Spirit Double Side Enamel Advertising Sign, Missing Flange.
54cm x wide x 33cm high.
ARRIVING NOVEMBER. Shell Oils Double side Post-Mount Enamel Advertising Sign #
Rare and Early Shell Oils Double side Post-Mount Enamel Advertising Sign. Rare with the early black Shell pictorial can.. Has had some restoration.
61cm wide x 52cm high.